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    Club Golf Cart A Serie A-C2 With 48V 5KW AC Controller

    Series A

    Club Golf Cart A Serie A-C2 With 48V 5KW AC Controller

    Available Colors

    • BLACK
    • FOREST
    • INDIGO
    • LIME
    • ORANGE
    • PURPLE
    • SILVER
    • TORCH
    • WHITE
    • YELLOW

    Size Overall: 2365*1175*1830 (without caddie pedals)

    Net Weight (with battery): 480kg

    Braking Distance: ≤2900mm

    Min Turning RadiusL: 3170mm

    Front/Rear Wheel Track: 885/980mm

    Front/Rear Wheelbase: 1670mm

    Rated Passenger: 2

    Min Ground Clearance: 120mm

    Max Speed: 25km/h


      Model A-C2
      Size Overall 2365*1175*1830 (without caddie pedals)
      Net Weight (with battery) 480kg
      Braking Distance ≤2900mm
      Min Turning RadiusL 3170mm
      Front/Rear Wheel Track 885/980mm
      Front/Rear Wheelbase 1670mm
      Rated Passenger 2
      Min Ground Clearance 120mm
      Max Speed 25km/h
      Climbing Ability 30%
      Endurance 80-100km
      Standard Seat Color white

      Electrical System


      AC Controller


      8V*6 piece 48V Maintenance-free deep cycle lead-acid batteries 8V*6pcs 48V


      48V5KWAC Controller


      48V25A Intelligent Automatic Charger

      DC Converter


      Golf Cart A Serie A-C2 (3)000

      Factory Configuration

      Front windscreen

      Specialized Acrylic Windshield


      The 2-seater is ABS injection molding material; the others are thickened blister molding material.


      Foam molded core, UV-resistant seat cushion


      Wear-resistant and non-slip rubber material

      Body of automobile

      2-seater is ABS with automotive paint; 4-seater is injection molded with automotive paint; 6-seaters and 8-seaters are ABS with automotive paint.


      Specialized large-angle curved mirrors

      Lights and warning signals

      LED lights and convex mirror headlights

      In/out switch

      Combination in/out switch

      Display screen

      Battery Capacity Indicator, Vehicle Mounted Electronic Meter

      Steering system

      Bi-directional push rack and pinion steering gear

      Braking system

      Self-adjusting mechanical brake and anti-skid design

      Rear Axle System

      Integral infinitely variable rear axle with main reduction and differential

      Front damping system

      Independent suspension, coil springs

      Rear damping system

      Simple hydraulic shock absorbers for steel plate springs


      High-strength steel structural parts, electrophoretic surface treatment process

      Tire Diameter



      Product Introduction

      Golf Cart A Serie A-C2 (1)qz0

      Introducing the Bak A Series 2-seater golf cart, the perfect combination of style, functionality, and performance. This sleek and compact golf buggy is powered by lead acid batteries, making it an environmentally friendly option for navigating the golf course or cruising around town.

      When it comes to convenience and ease of use, the Bak A Series golf cart is a top contender. With its compact size and 2-seater capacity, it's perfect for a leisurely round of golf with a friend or family member. The electric drive 2 golf cart is designed for smooth and efficient operation, ensuring a comfortable ride for both driver and passenger.

      One of the standout features of the Bak A Series golf cart is its street legal capabilities. This means you can take your golf buggy beyond the confines of the golf course and onto public roads. Whether you're running errands or exploring the neighborhood, this street legal electric buggy offers a convenient and eco-friendly mode of transportation.

      Golf Cart A Serie A-C2 (2)q28

      In addition to its practicality, the Bak A Series golf cart is also a stylish choice. Its sleek design and modern aesthetic make it a standout on the golf course or the street. The electric golf club offers a quiet and smooth ride, enhancing the overall experience for both the driver and passengers.

      When considering the cost factor, the Bak A Series golf cart is an economical option for those in the market for a quality golf buggy. Its efficient battery power and low maintenance requirements make it a cost-effective choice for golf enthusiasts and everyday users alike. 

      Overall, the Bak A Series 2-seater golf cart is a versatile and reliable option for those in search of a high-quality golf buggy. Its combination of convenience, style, and performance sets it apart from the competition, making it a top choice for golfers and recreational users alike. So why wait? Experience the convenience and style of the Bak A Series golf cart today.


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