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    Golf Course Dedicated K-H4 Golf Cart With KDS 48V/72V AC motor

    Series K

    Golf Course Dedicated K-H4 Golf Cart With KDS 48V/72V AC motor

    Available Colors

    • BLACK
    • FOREST
    • INDIGO
    • LIME
    • ORANGE
    • PURPLE
    • SILVER
    • TORCH
    • WHITE
    • YELLOW

    Size Overall: 3265*1340*2130mm

    Net Weight: ≦590kg

    Rated Passenger: 4

    Front/Rear Wheelbase: 2436mm

    Front/Rear Wheel Track: Front1005mm/Rear1075mm

    Min Ground Clearance: 170mm

    Min Turning RadiusL: 3.20m

    Max Speed: 25MPH

      Battery & Power

      BAK Li-FePO4 battery 48V 200Ah 5KW BAK Li-FePO4 battery 72V 150Ah 5KW
      Motor: KDS 48VAC motor Charger: Intelligent Cart Charger 48V/18AH, Charging time<8h (Discharge rate 80%) Controller:6661-48C350 48V/350A With CAN communication DC: High Power Non- Isolated DC-DC 48V/ 12V-300W Motor: KDS 72VAC motor Charger: Intelligent Cart Charger 72V/17AH, Charging time<8h (Discharge rate 80%) Controller:6661-72C350 72V/350AH With CAN communication DC: High Power Non- Isolated DC-DC 72V/12V-300W

      Confortable Performance

      ★ IP66 Waterproof Advanced Multimedia Combo LCD with Vehicle Status Information

      ★ IP66 Full Range Hi-Fi Speaker H065B (with Light)

      ★ First class seat (integral foam moulded seat cushion + Solid color premium imported leather)

      ★ High-strength aluminium alloy profile anti- oxidised no-slip flooring, corrosion and ageing resistant

      Electrical System

      Size Overall


      Net Weight


      Rated Passenger


      Front/Rear Wheelbase


      Front/Rear Wheel Track


      Min Ground Clearance


      Min Turning RadiusL


      Max Speed


      Climbing Ability


      Hill-Holding Ability



      60-80mile(Normal road)

      Braking Distance


      K-H4 a(1)62v

      Suspension and brake system

      Front suspension: double swing arm independent front suspension + coil springs + cylindrical hydraulic dampers.

      Rear suspension: integral rear axle+16:1 ratio+Coil spring dampers + cylindrical hydraulic cartridge dampers+rear stabilizer bars

      Brake system: zero crossing rear axle; 4-wheel hydraulic brakes, 4-wheel disc brakes + electromagnetic brakes for parking (with vehicle towing function)

      Steering system: bidirectional rack and pinion steering system, automatic backlash compensation function

      Frame: high-strength sheet metal trapezoidal frame;


      Cushion: leather can be colour-coded, embossed (stripes, diamond), logo silkscreen/embroidery

      Wheels: black, blue, red, gold

      Colour light: chassis & roof can be installed, seven-colour light strip + voice control + remote control

      Others: body & front LOGO; body colour; instrument on LOGO animation; hubcap, steering wheel, key can be customized LOGO (from 100 cars)

      Note: Factory options and upgrades should be requested when ordering the vehicle. Upgrade configuration is listed in the table below for the difference in price!

      Factory Configuration

      Frosted black square tube frame + PP injection moulded one-piece canopy standard
      Front windscreen and wipers
      DOT Approved reversible glass standard
      DOT Approved toughened glass + wipers optional
      DOT approved two-point seatbelts standard
      Body of automobile
      Front cover, seat bucket, body, rear end injection moulded one-piece body covering parts; plastic sprayed black square tube ceiling columns standard
      Aluminium alloy profile anti-slip flooring, high strength structure, corrosion and ageing resistant standard
      Injection-moulded dashboard, waterproof two-position electric lock switch, single-arm combination switch, cup holder; 12V Power Supply, USB+Type-c fast charging, USB External Audio standard
      Display screen
      IP66 7-inch waterproof LCD multimedia instrument with vehicle detection function standard
      Sound system
      IP66 Full Range Speaker H065B (with light) optional
      Integral foam moulded seat cushion +Solid color premium imported leather; Rear Basket(with Ball BagHolder); standard
      Upgraded colour separation with silkscreen optional
      Models with "2A": Reverse row seats are reversible, storage box included standard
      12" Aluminium wheel standard
      14" Aluminium wheel optional
      Colored Wheels: black, red, blue, gold optional
      DOT Approved; All terrain 23*10.5-12 (4 Ply Rated)/ tires standard
      other DOT Approved: All terrain 23*10-14(4 Ply Rated)/ tires optional
      One manually adjustable, foldable exterior mirror on each side; wide-angle centre mirror standard
      Lights and warning signals
      LED front combination lights (low beam, high beam, turn signal, daytime running light, position light) standard
      LED Rear taillight (brake light, position light, turn signal); Snail Horn, Reversing buzzer standard
      Colours & Patterns
      Standard colours (Forest Green, Ivory, Jewel Blue, Apple Red, Metallic Black, Crystal Grey) standard
      Other colours optional
      48V-200AH Li-FePO4 Battery (48V5KW standard) standard
      72V-150AH Li-FePO4 Battery (72V5KW standard) standard
      6*8V150AH Lead-acid battery (48V5KW optional) optional
      handheld diagnostic tool optional
      Optional accessories
      Front Basket optional
      GBR: Rear BagHolder optional
      CSA: Caddie stander optional
      Severe weather protection
      Rain curtain 1.6m optional
      Rain curtain 2.4m optional


      Product Introduction

      suspens (4)3kw

      Enjoy an exceptional travel experience with Bak four-seater golf cart on a lush green course. Designed for golf enthusiasts and high-end business networking, this four-seater model with its spacious and comfortable interior space and elegant design concept, leads you into a new golf tour.

      The spacious four-seat layout is practical and comfortable, whether it is team work, friends and family gatherings or business negotiations, you can be closely connected with your partners, while sharing the joy of swinging, enhancing emotional exchanges and highlighting common taste.

      The body lines are smooth and atmospheric, the interior design is exquisite and delicate, and the selection of high-quality materials is seiko, which brings you the ultimate comfort and enjoyment. The intelligent control system starts with one click, and the driving is easy and simple, so that every departure is full of pleasure.

      • suspens (3)j7r
      • suspens (1)53i
      • suspens (5)56w
      suspens (2)j30

      Equipped with an energy-efficient power core, low noise, zero emissions, fully demonstrate the concept of green environmental protection, while equipped with advanced suspension shock absorption technology, no matter what kind of complex terrain, can ensure that the vehicle is smooth as silk, so that your golf journey more relaxed.

      Four-seat golf cart is not only a transportation tool, but also a unique carrier to connect friendship, expand career and pursue quality of life. Let us ride the wind and waves together, and write a wonderful chapter of golf in every moment with a more calm attitude.


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